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I believe, contrary to current ideas, that the redshift of distant galaxies is not due to the Doppler effect but is due to the Compton effect and Bremsstrahlung. These effects do not depend on the movement of a body and then the Universe is not expanding, as the majority of persore believes, but is static. You can download the article on this subject to the following page: Energy loss of light in interstellar and intergalactic space The original publication is available on Giornale di Fisica, vol.XLIV, N. 2, April-June 2003.

Marco Missana was born in Ceriale (SV), Italy, on March 13rd, 1941 to Natale Missana, an astronomer who worked at the Astronomy Observatory of Pino Torinese (TO) and Eleonora Merlo, a secondary school teacher of Mathematics and Physics at Classical Lyceum of Chieri. His brother was Alberto Missana, an architect and a secondary school teacher. He attended Classical Lyceum "Gioberti" in Turin, then he studied Physics at the University of Turin where he graduated in 1967 with Prof. Sergio Fubini and he specialized in Nuclear Physics with Prof. Gleb Wataghin. He worked for over forty years at Brera Observatory in Milan.